Silicone Release Coatings

ICP’s One-Part UV Silicone Release Coatings are specially formulated to meet the exact specifications required for producing Release Liners and provide two UV curing profiles: Free Radical Nitrogen Cure and Cationic Cure. Silicone release coatings are often used in the creation of extended content labels (ECL) and instant redeemable coupons (IRC) utilizing ICP’s UV Free Radical Air Cure technology. Recent developments have led to second and third generation offerings, such as ultra-low, aging stable, low extractable, low odor and economical release coatings. ICP products are nitrogen blanketed free radical cure and built for high production line speeds.

Free Radical Release

The use of free radical release silicone is a more economical way to protect silicone and automatic release liners. Free radical silicone acrylate release coatings are formulated for curing under nitrogen inerting. This ensures the complete polymerization of all components.

Cationic Release

Cationic silicone release coatings are based upon cationic phonitiators that eliminate the need for a post-curing period. Our UV curable free radical primers are available to print over amine containing products to create a functional barrier and facilitate their use.

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