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The ICP Industrial Technology Group focuses on four distinct areas: Aqueous, UV/LED/EB, Silicone Release and Technical Services. With over five decades of experience, our technology experts develop custom coating formulas and adhesive solutions for the graphic arts and industrial markets. ICP Industrial receives many challenges from their customers to develop formulas for specific applications, each with defining specific applications, visual/tactile effects, and performance requirements. ICP formulation chemists and application specialists solve these challenges by creating practical solutions for a variety of applications all over the globe.


UV/LED/EB, Aqueous or Custom Coatings – our innovative, industry-leading formulas deliver a range of options to support packaging, labels, and printing needs. Whether accelerating curing times, reducing solvent emissions or increasing productivity, find viable solutions that meet every need.

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Protect the integrity of your product down to the tiniest detail. Find a broad range of UV/LED/EB curable adhesives for all types of applications. Our three most popular categories are laminating adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, and heat seal.

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Silicone Release

Often used in the construction of extended content labels and instant redeemable coupons, our UV/LED/EB curable, solventless, silicone release coatings are specially formulated to meet the exact specifications required in the production of release liners.

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Metallics & Specialty Coatings

ICP Industrial offers a sustainable solution for the Graphic Arts industry that could replace non-recyclable substrates and time-consuming processes.

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