Accelerate Productivity with Adhesives

Find a broad range of UV/LED/EB curable adhesives suitable for all types of applications. laminating adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, and heat seal. 

Laminating Adhesives

ICP Industrial’s low odor laminating adhesives afford new market opportunities to narrow web printers. Narrow web printers can now compete more effectively in the food packaging segment on short run applications. Laminating adhesives, either cationic or traditional UV/LED/EB provide greater flexibility to narrow web printers yielding shorter lead times to end users.  

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Our line of UV/LED/EB pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are widely used in the construction of extended content labels (ECLs) and instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) in conjunction with ICP’s silicone release coatings. They can also be used in the lamination of opaque stock. With a variety of tack levels and peel strengths available, our PSAs are formulated to fit the end use requirements for many adhesive applications. 

Heat Seal

Aqueous heat seal adhesives are a great choice when producing PVC blister packaged products. The heat seal temperatures can be adjusted to satisfy the varied market requirements.

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