Innovative Industrial Coatings

Find a variety of high performance protective coatings that satisfy the needs for any project. Whether its strong, safe, quick curing, weather resistant for metals, films, plastics, or paper products for interior or exterior use, the options are endless.

Our products are used frequently for Furniture, Pipe and Tube, and Wide Web applications, as well as industrial coating applicators ranging from roll to spray. Look to ICP Industrial to always deliver superior product performance. 

Better for The Environment = Better for business


When projects need materials that can handle severe weather conditions and resistance from abrasions, corrosion, and hardness, look to our UV/LED/EB product line. Products are fully developed on-site, including customer formulations that require above average durability and rigidness.


Save money while saving the planet. Our environmentally friendly industrial coatings have little to no emissions of VOCs, HAPs and NVPs, have a low-energy consumption, promote a healthier and safer work environment, reduce CO2 emissions and offer renewable content up to 25%.


ICP Industrial provides EB curable coatings that cure to a hard, flexible shell that offers a higher level of protection than anything else in the market. That includes gloss or matte, extreme scuff, mar, gouge and rub resistance as well as superior water hold-out and outstanding heat resistance to 350°F.  

Pipe & Tube

ICP Industrial offers solutions in the pipe and tubing industry to protect from oxidation and surface damage from the environmental elements pipe and tube are subjected to. Typically sprayed and cured at high speeds, these products apply in a smooth, even deposit for outstanding protection. Pipe and tube products are available in varied pigmentations.

Specialty Industrial Applications

ICP Industrial works hand-in-hand with businesses to develop unique, industry-driven products. ICP Industrial technicians are driven by the needs of our customers criteria and performance requirements. ICP Industrial is well versed in creating challenging substrates with rigorous demands. Whatever the material––wood, metal, plastic, and rubber––ICP industrial has an innovative solution.

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