ICP Industrial is committed to offering the highest quality products and customer service. Our extensive technical expertise and capabilities help us develop valuable partnerships with customers. From product identification to successful application, the ICP team delivers solutions that make our customers’ products stand out from the crowd.

Innovation Centers

Our team is always researching new ways to improve our products. ICP Industrial invests in creating breakthrough formulations that drive the industry forward.

We operate two Innovation Centers, in Itasca, IL, and Birdsboro, PA.

Research & Development/Technical Expertise

All our operations are supported by expert technology staff that develop high-quality coating solutions. The industry experts at ICP Industrial specialize in customer solutions with quick turnaround times, even on custom formulations. Our customers appreciate our expertise and flexibility to formulate products that integrate directly with their products. ICP technicians identify the ideal formulation and make sure it’s delivered in the most efficient way possible.


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Customer Support

Get in touch with our experts for technical support. Ask any question. The ICP team is here to help.

Technical Support

Learn how ICP Industrial can increase profitability and productivity. Our support team has innovative solutions for every industry.

Sales Support

The ICP Industrial team is well educated in the regulations of multiple industries. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Regulatory Support